Reverse Apex Shed Specification Sheet

Internal Height – 6’4” (1.93m) clear headroom at eaves rising to 7’3” (2.2m) or 7’7” (2.3m) under the ridge beam at the apex depending on width of shed
External Height- 6’7” (2.0m) rising to 8’ (2.45m) – the maximum height permissible under the permitted development rules
Cladding – 12mm (ex-16mm) or 16mm (ex-19mm) 5th grade or better Scandinavian redwood pine machined to tongue and groove “v” jointed profile (T.G.V.)
Framework – 3 x 2 (38mm x 68mm) rounded four corner C.L.S.
Roof –The roof cladding is 12mm T.G.V. over 45mm x 32mm frame with 32mm x 45mm tie beams as appropriate. The roof is covered with 20kg per square meter polyester based green mineral felt (we don’t use fibre based felt)
Floor – 18mm exterior plywood over 45mm x 32mm beams.
Door – 30” (760mm) wide, 5’10” (1780mm) tall. Fully framed with 5 horizontal ledges, clad with TGV double nailed at every ledge. Fitted with 3 no. 10” “T” hinges. Double doors are 26” wide each
Treatment* – basecoat treated with Chroma 2005 timber preservative to all external surfaces.
All fixings and fastenings are plated against corrosion

Shed size: All our shed sizes are taken as an average. The floor would be 4” under the quoted size and the body of the shed overlaps the floor by 1” all the way round. The body of the shed is 2” under the quoted size and the roof overlaps the body, it is 2” over the quoted size.

For a n 8x6 shed:
The roof is 8’2” x 6’2”
The body is 7’10” x 5’10”
The floor is 7’8” x 5’8”

*Although we know that the basecoat treatment has excellent preservative qualities it is not considered by us to be a waterproofing treatment. Your shed will need to be given a coat of a waterproofing treatment after it has been installed. If you would prefer, this can be done for you prior to delivery using Barretines Premier Wood preserver which is spirit based.